Our MIRS™ Solution

At XIRIS Group we have developed a revolutionary infrastructural solution – MIRS™: Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming – which is the fastest streaming solution available. This technology significantly benefits users and businesses by providing limitless computing power on any device, enabling faster and easier application development and deployment.

MIRS™ offers seamless, low-latency content delivery, eliminating the need for downloads and minimizing redirects. We stream any app to any device, and ensures universal compatibility across all devices. This significantly boosts app providers and advertisers’ profitability by enhancing content distribution efficiency.

XIRIS business model is capitalizing on the existing infrastructure growth of Data Centers, and we focus on generating the most value for extensive user base and where we can show the disruptive form-factor implications. We create value by deploying solutions across multiple industries with partners.

MIRS™ Interactive Ads

Ads today are limited by how you can interact with them —to make a purchase, subscribe to a service, or test an app, you need to redirect to another homepage. Nobody likes to be redirected.

With streamed interactive ads from Xiris, you can maximize engagement by making your ad the point of interaction.

These ads load ultra-fast, delivering interactive content without redirecting users or requiring them to leave the app or page. This feature leads to more engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased installations, as users can easily try, purchase, or subscribe directly within the ad.

Streamed interactive ads from Xiris can be placed on any site.

MIRS™ Swipeable Mobile Gaming

Wouldn’t it be great for users to play games without downloading them—or at least give the user a chance to try a game before downloading it?

With ourMIRS™ for games solution, providers can give users access to all their favorite games in a single app, allowing them to seamlessly transition between them with a swipe and enjoy longer playtimes with personalized and real-time modifications and recommendations.

This innovation significantly increases profitability for Game Studios and service providers by streamlining development and reduces costs by having just one game version, cross-platform.

In addition, it enhances marketing efficiency when combined with streamed interactive ads.

Embedded MIRS Module

Our MIRS™ Embedded Module replace built-in processing power with seamless streaming, providing an easy integration option for OEM and ODM's in various products. We have filed patents for these modules, and they will be available on the market in 2024.

Through our embedded software and hardware solution, designed specifically for mass-market wearables and powered by MIRS™, we are enabling the development of 'Deep Augment Companion' devices. Our flagship companion is the high-end PLATONUM® watch, a pioneer in this innovative product line.

The module, being only 20x6x1 mm, fits in any product and our goal is to revolutionize performance in compact devices.

Always with the End User in Focus

Changing the world always starts with improving the life of one person.

When we look at new technology, our ambition is to create faster, easier-to-use products and services. We believe the ultimate user experience is tailor-made.

Our focus on Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Streaming will help unlock user experiences adapted to individual needs.

The progress in this field has created a significant demand for applications, software, and devices utilized by 5G and 6G. We focus on solutions that combine the 5G network with AI to create services and products with lower hardware requirements. These technologies enable smart devices to operate at a lower economic and ecological cost.

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