About us

Today’s mobile ecosystem is inefficient and outdated. It limits developers, service providers and users. The ever-growing demand for apps, content and AI has made data management bulky and costly.

At the same time, data is constantly getting cheaper and connection speeds faster, with data centers expanding rapidly to meet the demand for new and heavier services. This has transformed our mobile devices into pocket-sized supercomputers with obvious limits and problems.

The development of tomorrow’s applications and services faces significant challenges due to the insufficient performance capacity of our mobile devices and the constant demand for multiple versions and never ending up-dates.

It’s time to modernize the mobile ecosystem to meet the needs of developers and users.

Everything that can be streamed, will be streamed.

Addressing these challenges requires a change in the way we manage and process dataflows. Handling data between mobile devices over the network, balancing energy consumption and getting data through servers fast enough – the last mile – with no visible latency for the user presents fundamental challenges.

Our MIRS™ technology is the solution. Unlike traditional one-way media streaming, our groundbreaking infrastructural innovation is a real-time, two-way interaction that transforms the way we deliver content and build services.


Out mission is to make service providers much more efficient and make life better and simpler for digital consumers. We enable new, more efficient ways for companies to create, produce and distribute products, services and application to their customers while improving the efficiency of the data management and recusing costs.

Meet the Team

We have deep domain expertise in mobile technology and microelectronics, with a proven track record of building successful businesses and partnerships.