Our story

The XIRIS team has unique domain expertise in mobile technology and microelectronics.


Our team has an eye for future trends, evident in our early recognition of the mobile touch and swipe interface, successfully patented in 2004 as the first on the market. The first Neonode N1 phone was the first to only require the use of one finger. We have a proven track record of decades of building successful businesses and partnerships.


In 2008, our co-founders Thomas Eriksson and Per Bystedt, envisioned making advanced hardware and software accessible to everyone.

Their vision was, and remains, a future where financial constraints do not hinder innovation and everyone benefits from the latest technological advances. However, to achieve this, advances in infrastructure and networks would be essential to support the data processing demands of the future.


By 2010, they had already developed software and hardware prototypes that enabled lighter devices with improved performance. Faster connectivity speeds were needed to achieve their vision back then, but the expansion of 3G, 4G and 5G has brought more substantial capabilities today.


In 2018, Thomas proceeded full-time with the vision of building and optimizing what was to become MIRS™. His timing was perfect, as today we face a new era in technology. The demand for computing power in mobile devices not only presents a challenge, but also an opportunity for innovation. Xiris MIRS™ products offer real-time content distribution to any device, with almost unlimited computing power.

Our Ambition

Remains to enhance user experiences and democratize access to advanced hardware and software with improved performance at lower cost.