Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming

Multiple Industries
– One MIRS™ Solution

The increasing demand for content and services has surpassed the capacity and performance of current devices, resulting in higher costs at multiple levels.

To address these challenges, we are introducing MIRS™, a technology that tackles the digital intermediaries and inefficiencies in data processing. It enables data processing between mobile devices and servers without discernible latency, performing all two-way interactions in real-time.

This is not just a step forward in mobile technology, it's a leap into the future of interactive, realtime digital experiences. It sets a new standard for media distribution, consumption and content interaction. Using our industry-agnostic, product-agnostic MIRSaaS offering, any company can provide almost limitless computing power on any device, enabling faster, simpler and more engaging application development and deployment.

It enables companies to distribute their content, offer products and applications, streamline data management and reduce costs in new, more efficient ways.

MIRS™ Interactive Ads

Today, ads are limited by how people interact with them – to make a purchase, subscribe to a service or test an app, they are redirected to another homepage. Nobody likes being redirected.

With MIRS™ Interactive Ads, you can maximize engagement by making your ad the point of interaction.

Such ads load ultra-fast, distributing anything to an ad space, and they maximize engagement by making your ad the point of interaction without redirecting users or requiring them to leave the app or page. This feature leads to greater engagement, higher conversion rates and more installations, as users can quickly try, purchase, or subscribe directly within the ad.

Real-time analytics and optimization
Advertisers can track and modify how users interact with different content in the ad in real-time. MIRS™ Ads is future-proof because it’s a cookieless ad script that focuses on what's happening in the ad, not on who’s doing it.

MIRS™ Ads from Xiris can be placed on any site or app.

Innovation Meets Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great if users could play games without downloading them, or at least get the chance to try a game before downloading it?

With our MIRS™ for-games solution, providers can grant users access to all their favorite games in a single app, allowing them to transition seamlessly between games while enjoying longer playtimes with personalized, real-time modifications and recommendations.

This innovation significantly increases profitability for games studios and service providers by streamlining development and reducing costs through the use of a single cross-platform game version.

Also, when combined with streamed interactive ads, it enhances marketing efficiency. This naturally leads to a more efficient customer acquisition cost (CAC) and an improved return on ad spend (ROAS).

MIRSaaS™ Embedded

Our MIRS™ Embedded Module replaces built-in processing power with seamless streaming, providing an easy integration option for OEMs and ODMs in various products. We have filed patents for these modules, and they will be available on the market in 2025.

Our embedded software and hardware solution, designed specifically for mass-market wearables and powered by MIRS™, enable the development of Deep Augment™ Companion devices. Our flagship companion is the high-end PLATONUM® watch, a pioneer in this innovative product line.

The module, being only 20×6×1 mm, fits into any product, and our goal is to revolutionize performance in compact devices.