Our vision

Connection speeds and content demands have shaped the past three decades; we see a future where innovations continue to develop, but with greater efficiency and less environmental impact.

MIRS™ enables eco-efficient data processing in regional data centers by shifting processing tasks to servers without impacting user experience.

As we enter the market, we aim to influence the sustainability of the mobile and content markets by enabling devices to operate with lower power consumption and fewer hardware requirements.

Ecological Computing

Acknowledging the environmental impact of mobile devices is crucial. On average, people replace their cell phones with new ones every 18-20 months. Because the phones contain more than 50 different metals and materials, the constant upgrades are a huge waste of environmental and financial resources, resulting in substantial carbon emissions and the consumption of vast amounts of energy in manufacturing and waste management.

Our MIRS™ technology extends smartphone lifespans by several years. We reduce power consumption and modernize existing devices by offloading processing tasks from the devices to our servers.

In the long term, this will lead to a more energy-efficient mobile ecosystem where users run their applications on data centers powered by renewable energy. When devices are cheaper and lighter but more powerful, their overall environmental and economic impact will be lower. We call this Ecological Computing™.

Our Ambition

Remains to enhance user experiences and democratize access to advanced hardware and software with improved performance at lower cost.